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Album #1

A fusion of singer-songwriter with symphonic metal influences

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Album #2
Eye Of The Storm

New Symphonic Metal Album released 22-02-2022

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From the pristine shores of Cape Town, South Africa…

Metal Singer, Chantal is carving her own way through the world of symphonic metal

Chantal’s first album Scars was a fusion of singer-songwriter with symphonic metal elements and influences.  Fans who have her first album described her voice as unique and amazing.

Chantal’s passion for symphonic metal could not be denied and she released her first symphonic metal album on 22/02/2022.  Some who have heard Chantal’s new material call her “the metal Mariah” and describe her sound as “truly unique", "electrifying", "unreal", and "the voice of thunder".

Chantal is an independent online music artist.  While she is currently not a touring artist, it is something she would like to pursue in the future.

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