Chantal's powerful new album 'Scars' is available from more than 600 quality digital music stores worldwide, including Amazon and iTunes.
"An emotionally charged and musically stirring album where composition meet compassion ... Chantal generates an atmosphere of inspiration and hope despite the pain." By Paul Wolfle (MUSIC INTERVIEW MAGAZINE®) 22/06/18.

The creation of this album is about the scars we all have and share in one form or another whether internal or external; physical or emotional that encompass our human condition.  Every song comes from a deeply personal place.  

We all need healing.  Our world needs healing.  It takes a great deal of courage to rise above our fears and to not let the scars of our past define us.  I came to realise years ago that it is ultimately up to us to fix ourselves, and it is up to us to decide the person we want to be.  Everything is a choice.  We are in this human form to learn, and to grow and evolve as human/spiritual beings. 


We need to embrace the scars of our past because they are a part of who we are, and have shaped us into the people we are today. But, these scars do not need to define us.  I know it is possible to change because I have changed.  We define ourselves.  We are not one decision, or one mistake; but rather a complex myriad of ever changing possibilities.  As such, I do believe that there is hope for us as a human race.  

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Photographs of Chantal by Robert Kirsner

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