Formless Expression

When I play certain songs like ‘Catch Me Now' for example from my Scars album, people ask occasionally “so is that song about a relationship that ended?" Well, the song can certainly be taken that way, and that is the great thing about music. We perceive the world as ‘we’ are, and not the way it is because of our unique experiences, education, culture, parental values, societal values and conditioning etc. which filter the way we perceive everything around us. As such every person that listens to my songs or anyone else’s will take from it a different message and experience. Thus, music to me is what I like to think of as formless expression, the notes written on a canvas of silence, that awaken our souls to a much a deeper level of awareness.

Chantal - Symphonic Metal Singer

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Photographs of Chantal by Robert Kirsner

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