Scars – recovery, strength and healing

Updated: Feb 2

Not all scars are visible, but every scar tells a story and we all have scars. The song ‘Scars’ speaks to the scars we all carry. Some are shared, others are highly personal but we all put on a smile and carry on because life goes on.

For me, writing songs is about combining lyrics, melody, harmony and rhythm to create something that transcends the ordinary. Although the concept of ‘Scars’ came out of something horrific (a devastating fire that resulted in lives lost, thousands of homes lost, wildlife and nature destroyed), the song itself is not negative because scars to me imply recovery, strength, healing and that is what the song is ultimately about…that we find the inner strength to go on even when at times we may want to give up; and often the healing happens with the aid of what I like to call 'earth angels' who come along and who encourage and show us the way.

The writing of ‘Scars’ was part of my own healing. There were times when I have thought I had dealt with an issue only to find my inner demons triggered by something someone said or did… just when I thought I had it figured out… but I guess that is part of life. I guess I am a work in progress.

Chantal - Symphonic Metal Singer

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Photographs of Chantal by Robert Kirsner

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