The Power Game

Updated: Feb 2

‘The Power Game’ is a track from the 'Scars' album which covers a range of sentiment and feeling about the powers that manipulate us. Each of us have the capacity to be a dark horse.

Jacque Pauw is a good example. He had tremendous courage to stand up to a man whom millions feared and to release his book “The President’s Keepers” thereby exposing the corruption of Zuma and those keeping him in power. We need more people like this who are not afraid to speak out when something is wrong, because evil will prevail when good men stand by and do nothing. As an artist I see it as my responsibility to address issues that affect me and others. It's not always comfortable to challenge the status quo but awareness is the first step to change.

Bell Pottinger (a British PR firm) worked with Zuma’s son, Duduazne and the Guptas to create and incite racism and racial tensions in South Africa – see article in Time magazine -

The powers that be, feed off our division and sell you and me as the enemy; but when we start to see beyond the lines of separation that divide us and come to understand that we are more alike than we realise – all seeking the same things like love, peace, security and a sense of belonging – then we can see that there is far more that unites us, and I know that there are millions of people (black, coloured, white, yellow) just like me – hard-working – who are just trying to make a living and do the best for their family.

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Photographs of Chantal by Robert Kirsner

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